Do you have an interview coming up? Here are our top tips for success!

Before the interview

  • Research common interview questions and work out how you would answer them.
  • Research the company – Having an understanding of the company and what they do is essential. Look on their website, LinkedIn and social media platforms. Doing a general search on the company online would also be useful in discovering current news, project wins, etc.
  • Research the interviewer – Build a profile on the people you will be talking to during the interview so that you’re not going in blind. Get an understanding of what they’re interested in (and therefore what they may ask!).
  • Consider your best and worst professional attributes – Understanding what you’re good at (or not so good at) is key to selling yourself.
  • Write a list of questions to ask the interviewer – Questions could be about the role, the team you’d be working in, the company as a whole. Ensure the questions you ask have not already been answered during the interview.
  • Prepare a folder to take – Include a few copies of your CV, a notebook and a pen, plus anything to back up what you’ve mentioned on your CV, e.g. a dissertation, to leave with the interviewer.

During the interview…

  • Positive first impressions – Be polite and warm to everyone you come into contact with, inside and outside of the building. The receptionist, the interviewer, everyone.
  • Dress appropriately – It’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.
  • Body language – Be aware of how you are presenting yourself beyond your words. Be confident, give a firm handshake, have good posture and relax!
  • Listen carefully to everything the interviewer says – register the content and phrasing of the questions that they are asking to ensure you’re answering correctly.
  • Close the interview on a positive note – Don’t rush out of the interview room and, without being pushy, express your interest in working for the company (if that is the case). Ask what the next steps would be and let them know you are happy to provide further information if they need it.

After the interview…

  • Send a thank you email – If you have the interviewer’s contact details, let them know you enjoyed meeting them and thank them for their time.
  • Get some feedback if possible.


Good luck!