Principal Landscape Architect/Project Manager

Principal Landscape Architect/Project Manager


£40-50k DOE

Working with a small to medium sized multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy, this role is both design and planning with the present work mix being 50/50 on design/planning (LVIA) with a good dose of project management thrown in. A chunk of the role in question will see you manage a leisure industry client, pulling together all aspects of the support required from design through planning whilst other aspects of your time will be spent on other projects.

Realistically we seek a minimum of 5 years’ post-graduation experience for a role that will need good client management skills, an ability to be versatile and a love of stunning views, often coastal.

Fundamentally we seek a good project manager from a Landscape Architecture/Planning stable, someone who can get on with the role requirements and can thrive in an environment where you have the ability to be independent but with support when required.

You will provide specialist consultancy advice for landscape design, landscape management and landscape planning [LVIA, EIA, SEA etc.].

You will need to understand commercial practice in landscape architecture including; resourcing, fee proposals, project budgets, statutory compliance, programme and continuing professional development.

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