Flagship Executive is a tailored and client-centered service. It involves a Consultant being retained on an exclusive basis to identify, assess and select the very best possible candidate using market knowledge, experience and extensive research.

We research the market to identify and target the best people out there. Discreet and professional, we’ll help you navigate the tricky waters of executive headhunting in the construction industry.

Why use Executive Search over Contingency?

  • More time spent with the consultant to plan the project
  • Tailored approach
  • Benefit from a research team
  • Exclusivity of candidates
  • In-depth screening to avoid time wasting
  • Specific knowledge and contacts from an experienced Executive Search consultant
  • Access to candidates not on the open market


When to use Executive Search

  • Senior or board level positions
  • Confidential positions requiring extra discretion
  • Requirement of a niche skillset
  • High quantity of vacancies to fill
  • All other options have been exhausted


In addition to the retained recruitment process, your Flagship Executive Consultant and Research Team will build a full Research Project to gain market intelligence, as well as opinions and general information relating to the company. To obtain this information, the Consultant will speak to a wide range of contacts within the industry, including architects, developers, engineers, local authorities, contractors and consultants. This is valuable data that can aid business development strategies, business planning and identify the best talent in the market.

Our Executive Search service is provided by company Director Kevin Thomas who has over 10 years’ experience recruiting across a variety of construction markets, giving him in-depth knowledge and a wide network within the industry.

“In what has become a very candidate led market, I wanted to set up a recruitment solution division that went beyond a normal recruitment service, offering clients true accountability for success and providing the very best candidates for their requirements and business growth.”

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