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Meet the Team – Ash Dean


This week we want to introduce you to Ash Dean. Ash is heading our building surveying recruitment nationwide. We asked him some questions about his role at Flagship as well as what he likes to get up to outside of work. Read below to see what Ash had to say!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Flagship?

“Coming from a background in law, events, and construction recruitment, I brought a lot of transferable skills to my role as Recruitment Consultant. Being in a fast-paced environment where people are the focus of my role is where I am comfortable.

I joined the wonderful team at Flagship to head up their building surveying division and working with roles predominantly based in the Southwest, Southeast and Midlands. My number one priority is to ensure clients and candidates are given every opportunity to find the perfect match. People often forget that the word consulting is in the job title of a recruiter; this is because we are here to advise and help candidates find their ideal role without compromise, and similarly we portray market trend to clients and ensure they have access to the best possible candidates for their vacancies (not just anyone that could potentially fill a role)”

What advice would you give a jobseeker looking for work?

“Most importantly, I would suggest utilising your network. I guarantee you are connected, friends or colleagues with someone that knows a great recruiter, company looking or can just offer some advice. People generally love to help others and like to be the person that knows things, so it is the best way to get access to more contacts and opportunities.

Seeking relevant recruiters is always the best way to be get in front of your desired employers, as we often have access to the right contacts and the trust of these contacts. It’s also great to tailor your approach to a specific role and company. We see thousands of CVs every year so making your experience as relevant as possible to a role is helpful for the recruiters and employers”

What do you do differently?

“I am sure there are enough recruiters in the world to make it difficult to be totally original, but I do tend to try my best to ensure long term relationships with all clients and candidates. I think recruiters get a bad reputation sometimes and the best way to turn this around is taking the time to make sure we really listen to what our clients and candidates want and not to compromise on that”

What do you get up to outside of work?

“Being social mostly! A group of friends and I play 5-a-side football twice a week. I love having a beer with friends and catching up with long distance friends over some Call of Duty: Warzone”

Something people don’t know about you?

“That is a hard question because I am happy to tell people anything they want to know! Although one thing that surprises a lot of people, is that I love everything Disney and musical theatre too”

What is the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

“There are a lot of good options, so it is really difficult to narrow it down. As a Game of Thrones fan (apart from the finale), I would have to say the Old City in Dubrovnik was very cool, as we got to see King’s Landing but, being on a yacht with world famous ballet dancers and sailing along some of the coast of Dubai was also amazing”